Android News App For Schools


Which Android Versions Supporting ?

Android 8.0.x
Android 7.2.x,
Android 7.1.x,
Android 6.0,
Android 5.1.x,
Android 5.0,
Android 4.4.x,
Android 4.3.x,
Android 4.2.x,
Android 4.1.x,
Android 4.0.4,
Android 4.0.3

Is this app Contains Ads ?

By default contains no ads . But we can add advertisements if required.

Is there IOS version of this app. ?

No. Currently we have no IOs version. But IOs app is already in our pipeline.

Sign is required to enter into app ?

Yes Login is required to view news and also get push notification .

Is the teachers can upload posts ?

Yes . Admin can create teachers in the admin panel. Teachers can make pots only in the allowed categories.

Payment Terms ?

50 % After delivering android app. Balance after succesfully upload in the play store.

Is Images Can be upload into the description area ?

Yes . Admin can upload images in the description area also . Simutaneously 20 pictures can be uploaded.

Is the app works offline ?

Yes.  Title Image, Header title, Title description are 100 % works offline.

Custom Notification ?

Yes.  Our Latest Feature is custom school notification. Parents can know that the notification from school.

Parents can post comments ?

Yes , Parents can post comments.  But the admin should allow comments to that news or videos.

Parents comments is shared ?

No. Parents Comments is visible only to the admin.

Push Notification Service ?

Yes. Firebase. Powered by Google

What are the Signup Options?

Signup By Email, Google, Facebook.

How Many News or Videos can be uploaded ?

Unlimitted .

Is the Parents can filter news ?

Yes . Parents can filter news. Parents will get Notifications from subscribed categories only. He can change this at any time.

Android News app size ?

After Installing the android app size is 16.5 MB Only.

Is images are stored in mobile. ?

No.  Images are not saved into the mobile.